Hints and Tips

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Washing machines:

When you contact Domestic Appliance Repairs, your request for service is given top priority. We will discuss your needs and agree a timeframe for service. If you send your machine to us we will aim to have it returned within 48 hours. At present we are achieving a 24-hour turn around. Before a repair takes place we will contact you with the cost. If availability of spare parts becomes an issue we will advise when the service can be undertaken or agree another solution.


Dishwasher is more like a robot since it has many sensors that direct its action. The basic mechanism of a dishwasher is to wash the dirty dishes placed in it. It automatically heats the water and then releases even the detergent by itself according to specific timers set in the machine. Then it also rinses the dishes. The only work for humans is to enter the dishes into it. The rest of the work is done by dishwashers. The dishwashers also have the mechanism of drying up the dishes. This is optional and the user can choose whether to activate it or not.

Fridges & Freezers:

You need to keep ventilation behind your fridge to improve its performance and save electricity, especially on hot days.

Ovens & Stoves:

Ensure that you clean food spills and grease as soon as possible to improve performance and extend the life of your appliance.

Clothes dryers:

You need to clean the lint filter often to maintain clear air flow through the dryer. By doing so, the dryer will operate more efficiently which will save electricity. Dryers need a service every one or two years to clean the build up of fluff inside that can be a serious fire hazard.