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    Rangehood Repairs

    Have you been searching for the highest quality yet the most reasonably priced rangehood repairs Melbourne has to offer? Look no further than Domestic Appliance Repairs because we have exactly what you need. Oftentimes people don’t take much notice of their rangehood on a day-to-day basis. That is, until they start to experience problems or faults. This is one kitchen appliance that is not always DIY friendly when it comes to maintenance.

    It’s relatively common issues such as worn-out parts or motors, breakage and build-up of grease that will cause problems with rangehood function. The good news is – you don’t need to fork out the cash for a new rangehood at the first sign of conflict. this appliance can be repaired and maintained by domestic appliance experts.

    Rangehood Repairs in Melbourne: How Our Team Can Help Solve Your Problem

    Contact Domestic Appliance Repair if you are experiencing any of the following with your rangehood or any kind of similar issues.

    • Your rangehood light is not working properly
    • Power issues with your rangehood
    • The fan isn’t working properly
    • You can see parts that have broken
    • Issues with your rangehood controls or buttons
    • Your rangehood motor is either loud, or making unusual sounds
    • Don’t allow any of these issues to worsen over time, it’s not only impractical as the damage repair will become more expensive but it can cause safety concerns in your kitchen. Instead, contact a professional to assess the damage in its early stages and take care of it without extra hassles.

    Environmentally-Friendly Whitegoods Repairs

    White goods such as rangehoods, refrigerators, washing machines and dryers are made up plastic materials and stainless steel. They are not biodegradable, so when they end up in landfill, they will be there for thousands of years.

    Repairing your rangehood rather than replacing it at the first sign of a problem will not only save you in repair costs but is also simple way to reduce the number of white goods in landfill. When your machine does finally reach the end of its lifespan, you can look at reaching out to plastic and scrap metal recyclers to repurpose the parts.

    Reliable Service At Affordable Rates

    Our team at Domestic Appliance Repair provide reliable range hood repairs to homes and offices in all of Melbourne’s metropolitan suburbs and areas. Established in 2009, in our 10 years of operation we have expanded our team and services so that we can provide all clients with fast range hood repairs at affordable rates.

    Brands and Appliances We Service

    We service all brands and all types of rangehoods old, new and all styles or sizes. Other appliances our team can service include the following.

    Kitchen Appliances: Ovens, Stoves, rangehoods, fridges, dishwashers

    Laundry Appliances: White goods such as washing machines and clothes dryers

    Office Appliances: Shredders, Document Binders, Heat Binders, Desktop and Roll Laminators
    Paper Folders, Mail Inserters, Booklet Makers, Franking machines, Paper Drills, Guillotines, Paper Trimmers, hole punches, staplers

    Appliance Brands We Will Service

    We service all domestic and office appliance brands, including all of the following.

    GBC, Renz, Fellowes, Klipbind, Powis Parker, Intimus, EBA, IBICO, Rexel, Superfax, Neopost, Ideal, Rapid, Dahle, HSM, Unibind, Nagel, Wiremac, FKS, Prima, Uchida, Esselte, NSC, Peach, Martin Yale, Lambino, GMP, Dino, Hush, Fordigraph, Elmo, Silver Reed.

    Domestic Appliance Repairs: Our Services Areas

    Domestic Appliance Repairs now extends to cover all Melbourne Metropolitan areas. All white goods service calls are booked in our central office and are immediately transferred to our mobile technicians for quick response. All our repair and maintenance technicians are highly-skilled and qualified. We make no compromises and follow all OH&S standards and regulations.

    For the convenience of our customers, we are available to take on rangehood service appointments in the morning and afternoons. On the day of your appointment, we will contact you 30 minutes prior to our arrival as a reminder and confirmation. All tasks and services provided by our team are covered with a warranty and we will provide you with a written copy.