Top Tips to Keep Your Refrigerator Clean and in Top Condition

Top Tips to Keep Your Refrigerator Clean and in Top Condition

Top Tips to Keep Your Refrigerator Clean and in Top Condition

Of all the appliances in our homes, the mighty refrigerator stands tall in its importance for our everyday lives. Modern refrigeration was historically integral for the modern lifestyles we now live, but as with any technology, they’re prone to faults and defects as well as wear and tear from years of use.

If you want to keep your refrigerator in tip-top shape (and you should, considering the cost of a new refrigerator), then consider maintaining it and cleaning it using the below tips:

Throw Away Old & Expired Foods

This should seem obvious, but for whatever reason, we may forget to toss away an old head of lettuce or a takeaway meal from weeks ago hidden off in a corner of the refrigerator. Often, the foul odour alone will give you a prompt reminder that it needs to be tossed away.

Try to maintain a good habit of throwing away expired food in your refrigerator, but also combine this with routine cleaning of your refrigerator every few months (perhaps leave a sticky note on the front of the refrigerator if it helps you to remember) in case you’ve missed anything.

Deep Clean Your Refrigerator

Routine deep cleaning of your refrigerator is one of the best ways to keep it fresh and working properly. Start by emptying out the contents of the refrigerator. As per the above tip, this will also give you ample opportunity to go over each and every item and to toss it away if it’s expired or unwanted.

Next, clear out all of the shelving and compartments. Shelving and drawers can be hand cleaned using warm, soapy water and dried with a dry cloth. Sticky, tough to remove spots and stains can often be removed with a degreasing agent.

Try to avoid running glass shelving and components under hot water, since the temperature difference can lead to cracks. Instead, let the glass cool and use warm water to avoid this from happening.

Cleaning Inside the Refrigerator

Once you’ve cleaned all of the shelving and compartments inside the refrigerator and they’re being left to dry, take a bucket of hot, soapy water and begin to thoroughly clean the inside of the refrigerator. Don’t forget to clean inside of the door and in every crevice within the refrigerator.

After giving the whole inside of the refrigerator a good deep clean, you may wish to sanitise the refrigerator by using a light bleach solution afterwards. Mix a small cap’s worth of bleach with a litre of water and pass over the entire interior of the fridge to completely sanitise it.

Putting it All Back Together Again

When your fridge shelving and compartments have completely dried, you can put them back in place. Be sure to wipe down and clean any surface areas they came in contact with, such as on your kitchen countertop, as the gunk and food residue can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Furthermore, try to clean any food containers that were originally in the refrigerator. Leaky sauce jars or plastic containers can make a mess of your fridge all over again, so now is a good time to have a quick look at them to make sure they’re clean and won’t cause any problems inside of your fridge.

Domestic Appliance Repair

Cleaning your refrigerator frequently can keep it in top shape, but it won’t solve many of the mechanical problems that modern refrigerators are unfortunately prone to. Contact Domestic Appliance Repair for affordable repairs today.

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