3 Signs Your Tumble Dryer Needs Repairs

3 Signs Your Tumble Dryer Needs Repairs

3 Signs Your Tumble Dryer Needs Repairs

While there are plenty of ways to maintain your dryer to keep it in good operating condition, there are times when cleaning and maintenance just won’t work anymore. New dryers can last nearly a decade, but eventually, they’ll need some repairs. That’s why we’ve assembled this list of three signs that indicate it’s time to repair your dryer.

How Long do Dryers Last?

The average life expectancy of tumble dryers in Australia is approximately 7 years. Naturally, a healthy dryer that’s well maintained can last this long or even longer, but most people will encounter a problem at some point. When this does happen, the decision about whether to replace or repair can be daunting, since the cost of repairs may often outweigh the cost of buying a new dryer altogether.

Domestic Appliance Repair in Melbourne has a solid reputation for providing expert service to keep your white goods, including dryers, running smoothly. Repairs to new (and sometimes older) dryers can be more cost-effective in the long run and is also a conscious choice for the environment.

1. The Dryer Isn’t Heating Properly

As you might expect, dryers work by heating clothes to remove moisture from the washing machine. Therefore, heat must be able to flow seamlessly through the machine and out the vents outside in order to provide a thorough and distributed heat within the drum where the clothes spin.

Sometimes, however, the dryer doesn’t heat clothes properly. Either the dryer itself is not able to achieve the correct temperatures or the heat is unable to pass through the machine efficiently due to blockages. In the former instance, one of several problems may be the cause, such as a faulty or damaged heating element or an electrical fault. In the case of blockages, lint buildups may be prohibiting the flow of heat through the dryer.

2. The Dryer Won’t Start

An extremely common problem with most dryers is that it will no longer turn on. Of course, making sure that the dryer is connected to a working electrical outlet should be your first instinct before proceeding.

If that’s not the problem, then ensure that the door is properly closed. Dryer doors often contain safety switches that prevent the machine from operating if the door hasn’t been completely closed. These switches can wear out or become damaged over time, so a replacement part may be necessary.

If the problem still persists, the problem may be more serious and will likely require the assistance of a reputable repair company to get it working again.

3. The Internal Drum Is Not Spinning

When the internal drum of the dryer isn’t working as intended, the problem is normally due to a worn-out belt. Repairing the belt of a dryer isn’t recommended as a DIY project, so it’s often more convenient and safer to contact a professional if you suspect that a faulty belt is a culprit.

Other reasons for drums not spinning properly include faulty motors. Dryer motors are also more complex components that ought to be repaired professionally. Even if the dryer is still able to operate with a faulty motor or a malfunctioning drum, it’s likely that your clothes won’t come out dry, and this can result in wasted time and higher energy bills.

Contact Domestic Appliance Repair

When your dryer stops working or is not working as intended, the problem is often a quick fix such as cleaning out the lint tray. Quite often, however, more serious problems cannot be fixed easily by yourself, and that’s when you’ll be happy you contacted a quality domestic appliance service such as Local Appliance Repair in Melbourne. Let us get your dryer up and running in short order.

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