5 Most Common Dishwasher Problems and How to Fix Them

5 Most Common Dishwasher Problems and How to Fix Them

5 Most Common Dishwasher Problems and How to Fix Them

Dishwasher giving you problems? See our five most common dishwasher problems below and learn how to fix them yourself and when to call in a professional.

1. My Dishwasher Isn’t Cleaning Well

Dishes that come out soiled, greasy, or with visible marks from foodstuffs aren’t really clean, are they? The culprit is often pretty easy to DIY: look at cleaning the dishwasher fully and run an empty load with vinegar and baking soda to knock away any built up debris, clean out the food traps, and clean the spray arms. You may also wish to change detergents to something more effective.

Sometimes, the problem is worn out or faulty parts. If this is the case, ring your local appliance repair technician to have the problem resolved properly.

2. Dishwasher Goes BRRRR

Every dishwasher emits a little noise whilst in operation, but when it’s rattling back and forth like an old washing machine you’ll want to have a closer look inside. The water pump may be worn out or improperly attached. Another common cause of noisy dishwashers is a wash arm seal or bearing ring that needs to be replaced. These should be done by a qualified repairman.

For DIY fixes, ensure that you aren’t stacking dishes so high that they are interfering with the spray arms. Also ensure that there’s a sufficient airgap between your dishwasher and the adjacent cupboards if it’s nestled in your kitchen. Gaps that are too small may lead to excessive vibration, thus creating loud noises.

3. Spotty, Cloudy Dishes and Glassware

By far the most common culprit of occasional or persistently cloudy dishes and glassware is from hard water. Unfortunately, hard water can be difficult to fix since, especially in rural areas of Australia, the source is the municipal water supply. Nevertheless, there are some methods of dealing with hard water.

Firstly, switch to a hard water detergent which will work hard to counteract the chalky buildup. Simply using more detergent than usual can also help. If the problem is persistent, you may wish to consider installing a household water softening system.

4. The Dishwasher Isn’t Draining Properly

The first place to look when your dishwasher isn’t draining properly is the food trap. Clean out any clutter and give it a good wash if necessary. Drain blockages can lead to all sorts of unsightly messes on the floor in particularly bad cases, and we all know that stagnant water shouldn’t be anywhere in your home.

If the dishwasher is clean, the problem may be the check valve assembly located in the drain sump. The parts may need replacement as they may be worn out. Contact your local appliance repair technician for professional guidance.

5. Foul Odour Coming from the Dishwasher

A common problem that most homeowners face at least once or twice is a foul odour coming from the dishwasher – after a full wash, of course. This simply shouldn’t be tolerated since the dishwasher is supposed to clean, not leave them stinky and unwashed.

Fortunately, the source of this problem simply comes from improper rinsing or from food trapped in the strainer screen. Always dispose of large chunks of food and rinse your dishes thoroughly before placing them on the racks. Also endeavour to clean out the strainer screen frequently as it accumulates plenty of leftover chunks over time.

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