5 Tips for Tumble Dryer Maintenance

5 Tips for Tumble Dryer Maintenance

5 Tips for Tumble Dryer Maintenance

Dryers are an excellent appliance for anyone who needs to dry their clothes quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, they’re also commonly prone to breaking down and being rendered inoperable if they aren’t properly maintained. Here are five tips for maintaining your tumble dryer so that it’s in top operating condition for years to come.

  • Empty the Lint Filters

Most of the lint found on your clothes whilst drying is collected by lint traps or lint filters found inside of your dryer. These should be cleaned after every use, but most people neglect to do so and instead clean it perhaps fortnightly. Regular cleaning of the lint filters is important since the accumulation of lint will reduce the effectiveness of your dryer and can become a fire hazard.

Every dryer brand and make has its own configuration for lint filters, so if it isn’t obvious where they’re found then you may wish to look in the instruction manual. Most side-loading tumble dryers have at least one lint filter found in the door, and perhaps others along the sides of the door as well. Since lint clings easily, a quick scrape into the rubbish bin will remove most of the accumulated lint in one go.

  • Deep Clean Stray Lint

While regular cleaning of the lint filters is necessary, stray lint will eventually find its way inside of the drum as well as around the dryer. At least twice a year, you should endeavour to clean up this stray lint with a vacuum cleaner. In addition to looking unsightly, lint buildups inside and outside of your dryer can also pose a fire hazard, since lint is easy kindling should a fire happen to spark nearby.

  • Inspect and Clean Inside the Dryer

Every year or two, take apart the interior of the dryer (if possible) to access the internal components for further cleaning. This type of task can expose you to electrocution, so always ensure that your dryer is fully unplugged and that there’s no running current nearby. Also, work safely and use goggles or a respirator if you’re worried about breathing in dust or lint. Vacuum the internal components and remove any blockages you may find because these may be fire hazards.

  • Monitor Drying Times

Usually, most people will notice that their dryers are taking longer to dry clothes when it becomes noticeably long. Nevertheless, take note if your dryer takes longer than it should according to the digital display or dial, as appropriate, and act immediately. When this happens, it is typically the consequence of an accumulation of dirt or lint in the filters or a blockage preventing proper heat flow through the dryer. If the problem persists, contact a professional appliance repair serviceman to resolve the problem. 

  • Examine Outdoor Vents

Every 3-4 months, go outdoors and inspect the exhaust vent of your dryer whilst in operation. Air should be flowing through the vent unobstructed, but quite often debris and subsequent blockages may occur. If this is the case, examine the vent opening after the dryer has stopped running and remove any blockages that may be present. Sometimes, these blockages are coming from deeper within the vent and will thus require the assistance of a reputable appliance repair company.

Contact Domestic Appliance Repair

Routine dryer maintenance can keep your clothes coming out consistently dry for years to come, but there are times when all the maintenance and cleaning won’t be able to bring a broken or damaged dryer back to life. That’s where Electrical Appliance Repair can help. Our qualified experts have the tools and techniques required to keep all of your whitegoods in great running condition for years to come.

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