5 Tips to Repair an Air Conditioning Unit

5 Tips to Repair an Air Conditioning Unit

5 Tips to Repair an Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioning is really a modern luxury that most of us in Australia simply can’t live without. Those hot summer days pushing 40 degrees can be stagnating and even lethal, which makes air conditioners so essential – provided they work properly, of course. Below are some common problems with air conditioners and how to fix them:

01. No Air Blowing, Unit is On

Perhaps the most common problem is not so much that the air conditioner won’t turn on, but rather that no cold air is coming out. Basically, it’s useless! Typically, these problems come from either the fan or the fan’s motor not spinning, or that the fan is spinning too slowly.

The good news is that this type of repair is often quite easy to do yourself. Inspect the fan first and then the motor fan to see if it’s spinning slowly or not at all. If this is the case, you may need to replace the fan or motor fan.

Otherwise, the problem may require the replacement of the fan motor capacitor, electronics board, or air filter.

02. No Cold Air Coming Out

Much like the above problem, not having cold air come out from the air conditioner basically makes it useless to you until it’s fixed. If the fan and fan motor are both spinning and not too slowly, the problem likely stems from other sources than these two.

Often, the problem can be fixed by replacing the thermostat or temperature control unit within the unit. These devices measure the ambient air temperature, so if the temperature control is broken then it may signal to the unit not to cool at all. Replace this piece and see if it works properly again.

03. Strange Noises Coming From the Unit

A noisy air conditioning unit can be an awfully distracting and annoying problem. If cold air is coming out, that’s a good sign, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of not being able to sleep due to the excessive noise.

The problems of noisy air conditioners are almost always due to the fan, motor fan, or the fans’ bearings being faulty or broken. The bearings are essential for reducing oscillation and keeping the fan rotating around evenly and without noise, so see if the bearings need replacement.

04. Unit Isn’t Turning On

If your air conditioner simply won’t turn on at all, do the obvious and make sure it’s plugged into the electrical outlet! If it’s plugged in and won’t turn on at all, the problem may be simple or complex to fix, depending on the source of the problem.

Quite often, the problem comes from the electronics board or the power cord itself. It could also be a blown fuse. Replacing some of these parts is easy peasy, but replacing the power cord, for example, can be challenging to do yourself.

05. Coils Getting Iced Over

Having your air conditioner blow out cold air is refreshing, but you don’t want the unit itself to look like it belongs in Superman’s Fortress of Solitude! If the coils are being iced over from frequent use, this is not something that you should think is normal.

Iced over coils often come from the improper internal flow of air. Clogged or dirty air filters, faulty fan or motor fans, or poor air flow from the air flow capacitor are all possible culprits. Check for visible signs of dirt or clogs and replace any such components before working towards the electronic components.

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