5 Ways to Better the Appliances in Your Home

5 Ways to Better the Appliances in Your Home

5 Ways to Better the Appliances in Your Home

Appliances are an important part of your home – not only are appliances functional, but they also add style and sophistication to your home.  If you don’t take care of your appliances you may be faced with costly replacements sooner than you’d like. Fortunately, there are some simple tips and tricks that can help you improve not only the look of your appliances, but the life of your appliances.  Here are 5 ways to better the appliances in your home.

Appliance Paint

If you’re looking for a simple way to improve the look of your appliances without breaking the bank on completely new units, you may want to check out appliance paint.  Appliance paint comes in a wide range of colours and styles and is very easy to apply. We recommend the spray versions as they’re easier to apply and control.

When using appliance paint, take temperature into consideration – painting your stove requires heat-resistant paint, while your other appliances may not require any special appliance paint.  From fun, bright colours to customisable chalkboard paint, the possibilities are endless with appliance paints.

Regular Cleaning

A practical way to improve the functionality of your appliance and make it last longer is by regular thorough cleanings.  There are so many parts to each appliance in your home, and every part needs regularly cleaned for maximum efficiency. Whether it’s your stove or dishwasher, taking the time to thoroughly clean all of your appliances is well worth the effort.

When cleaning your refrigerator, focus on the cooling coils to help make your refrigerator run efficiently.  With your clothes dryer, focus on the lint trap and the air hose at the back of the dryer to clear out the lint and debris.  These are just a few simple cleaning tips to help maximise the life of your appliances.

Replacement Parts

The turning pieces of your appliances are eventually going to wear out – external pieces like knobs and hinges will need to be replaced after extended use, as well as some internal parts.  The great part about replacing external knobs is that you’re improving the appliance with a fully functioning part that is also customisable at Local Appliance Repair.

A replacement part on the exterior of the appliance is a great way to add a touch of personality to an otherwise boring appliance.  Try fun, colourful knobs or handles to make your appliance unique.

Custom Pieces

Speaking of replacement parts being customisable, there are tons of other things you can do to customise your appliance without spending a lot of money.  There are tons of fun magnetic panels that can be fit specifically for your refrigerator – you can easily snap on a stainless steel panel or go bold with a fun print.  You don’t have to buy a new appliance to get a completely new look.

Hire an Expert Repair Service

The best way to elongate the life of your home appliances is to hire a professional repair service as soon as you notice any issues.  Appliances are complex machines, and if you leave a problem unfixed, it can quickly turn into something more serious. From a slight leak in your dishwasher to ineffective cooling in your refrigerator, contact us at the first sign of problems.

We’ve been providing high-quality appliances repair services for years, and always at a competitive price.  We know how much it can cost to fully replace an appliance, and we are here to prevent that. These are just a few practical and fun tips to better the appliances in your home – let us know how they turn out.

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