How Long Appliances Tend to Last and How to Get the Most Value from Them

How Long Appliances Tend to Last and How to Get the Most Value from Them

How Long Appliances Tend to Last and How to Get the Most Value from Them

How long do appliances last? While there are considerable merits to planned obsolescence and mass consumerism towards driving down the lifespan of many household appliances, most can still be used well into the ‘sticker tag’ lifespan and even beyond.

Not only does taking good care of appliances lead to longer lifespans, but it’s also great for the environment and for your wallet. Of course, it probably isn’t worth paying more for repairs than to get a new appliance in most cases, but quite often household appliance repairs are affordable and convenient.

No need to disassemble and/or haul away the old appliance and order a new one then perhaps pay to have it installed – not bad! Let’s have a look at some typical household appliances and their average lifespans so you can roughly gauge whether it’s worth repairing or to buy a new model.

Short Life Appliances (5-10 years)

  • Dehumidifiers: 8 years.
  • Dishwashers: 9 years.
  • Microwave ovens: 9 years.
  • Mini refrigerators: 9 years.

Most of the appliances in this list can often be repaired with relative ease due to a faulty or defective part or component. Having said that, it’s best to consider a qualified appliance repairman for new appliances rather than second-hand appliances picked up at a discount. Nevertheless, a minor repair can keep these trusty appliances working well into their lifespan.

Medium Life Appliances (10-15 years)

  • Air conditioners: 10 years.
  • Electric boilers: 13 years.
  • Dryers: 13 years.
  • Ranges & oven hoods: 14 years.
  • Electric ranges: 13 years.
  • Refrigerators: 13 years.
  • Washing machines: 10 years.
  • Electric water heaters: 11 years.
  • Gas water heaters: 10 years.

The majority of household appliances last between 10-15 years, provided they are well-maintained and used appropriately. Fridges, ovens, washing machines and dryers are all some of the most common appliances to experience a problem or two every so often, so it’s good to keep in mind that a qualified domestic appliance repair technician can provide valuable repairs to keep these appliances working well for years to come.

Long Life Appliances (15+ years)

  • Central air conditioning systems: 15 years.
  • Gas boilers: 20+ years.
  • Electric furnaces: 15 years.
  • Gas furnaces: 18 years.
  • Oil furnaces: 20 years.
  • Gas ranges: 15 years.
  • Thermostats: 30+ years.
  • Tankless water heating systems: 20+ years.

On the far end of the spectrum, some appliances are truly built to last for decades. Again, this all lies on the assumption that they’re well-maintained. Furnaces and thermostats as well as home air conditioning systems (central air) and direct water heating systems are pretty big investments for homeowners, as are brand new furnaces, so it stands to reason that repairs and maintenance are well worth it and can help delay forking over more hard-earned dollars for a brand new model sooner than you’d like or expect.

Keep Your Appliances Running Smoothly

What do just about all of the appliances above have in common? A little bit of care and maintenance will keep them running at peak performance for many years to come rather than wearing them out too quickly.

Sometimes, DIY repairs are simply too challenging or require specific components not readily available. Don’t worry, because qualified domestic appliance repair technicians near you can help out in a pinch.

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