How Much Should You Pay for Appliance Repairs?

How Much Should You Pay for Appliance Repairs?

How Much Should You Pay for Appliance Repairs?

Modern appliances can be a major source of frustration, yet they provide us with so much utility that many of us can’t imagine living without them. Ever try doing the laundry by hand? While it can certainly build some muscle, it’s an awful lot of work that would make anyone glad that they no longer have to scrub away all day and instead toss a load into the washing machine.

The labour-saving utility of modern appliances is why we buy them, but what really leads to frustration is when they break down and need repairs. How much does it cost to repair domestic appliances in Australia and how can you save costs on appliance repair?

Appliance Repair Price Estimates

A service call for appliance repairs might cost around AUD$150 or so, which can vary quite a bit depending on a range of factors. Naturally, if the cost of repairs exceed the cost of buying a new appliance, it makes no sense (financially speaking) to have it repaired – just buy a new model instead.

If the cost is lower than buying a new appliance, it generally makes sense to have it repaired. Not only will repairs end up costing less, but you’ll also avoid having to go out shopping for a new model, having it fitted, disposing of the old one, and so on. It’s also a lot better for the environment, since you’re generating far less waste.

Why Does the Cost of Appliance Repair Vary So Much?

If you’re calling domestic appliance repair technicians near you, you may be quoted vastly different prices. The price varies a lot because there are many factors that must be considered.

Firstly, the type of appliance and the type of repair needed can result in big price variations. Generally, simple fixes to a refrigerator or an oven, for example, might take half an hour and readily available replacement parts, resulting in a lower price. More complex problems require more labour and perhaps more expensive parts, which in turn leads to higher prices.

The age of your appliance will also affect the price of repairs. Very old and very new appliances can be expensive to repair because the technician may have a hard time finding replacement parts. For brand new appliances, however, you should be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

For all appliances that are no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, your choices are to either attempt the repairs yourself, hire a technician, or to buy a new model. All three of these options have pros and cons, but in most circumstances you are better off letting a technician handle it.

How to Minimise the Cost for Appliance Repair

Our blog has numerous articles on how to care for and maintain specific domestic appliances, so read up on those and delay the need for repairs or replacement. Proper care and maintenance are the best ways of avoiding the need to call a technician for repairs, followed by preventative care by a technician. This latter choice can be beneficial since the service costs are much lower than if a problem is allowed to persist and the repairs become much more complex.

Another helpful tip to lower the cost for appliance repair is to obtain a transparent quote from technicians near you before spending your hard-earned money.

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