How to Remove Dents from Stainless Steel Appliances

How to Remove Dents from Stainless Steel Appliances

How to Remove Dents from Stainless Steel Appliances

There’s a huge demand for high-quality stainless steel appliances in Australian homes, and for good reason. This naturally bacteria-resistant material looks fantastic and tends to stand the test of time, but at a cost. Homeowners frequently pay a few hundred dollars simply for the stainless steel surfaces, so whenever it gets an inevitable dent it’s important to know how to fix it to get it looking just like new again.

Is Dent Removal Really Needed?

Let’s start with the basic questions: is that little nick or dent in your refrigerator really worth removing? Perhaps it’s noticeable, but it can be covered up with a magnet or your son’s latest artistic contribution. Small little bumps and dents may not be at the top of your laundry list and it may be financially wiser to simply leave them as they are.

Large dents that interfere with the operation of the appliance, or multiple dents that cause the appliance to appear unsightly can and should be removed professionally.

DIY vs Hiring a Professional

Is it possible to repair dents on stainless steel appliances yourself? Or, is it simply better to call in a professional? It is possible to DIY dent removal on stainless steel appliances, but you’ll need the right tools and techniques to ensure a smooth, clean surface just like new.

Domestic appliance repair technicians have both the tools and the expertise to remove many dents, but not all. In cases of severe damage or when restoring the surface to its original sheen is not possible, they may opt to replace the section or panel entirely. Finding these very specific parts yourself can be a time-consuming and costly affair, so leave it to the pros.

Things to Consider Before Calling in a Pro

Again consider the initial question: is it really worth fixing dents in your stainless steel appliances? In homes with many children and lots of activity, dents are sure to happen with some frequency over time, so it could be a never ending battle of removing them only to find new dents the next day, so to speak.

To keep up wonderful appearances in the kitchen and to promote a safe and hygienic environment without bumps or dents protruding from your oven, refrigerator, or countertops, yes, calling in a professional appliance repair technician is advised.

Call in a Professional

When it comes to repairing dents, there are usually two ways they’ll go about removing the dent(s). The first involves using powerful suction tools (like you’d use on a car with dents). Either with the application of a heat gun or dry ice, they’ll work the dent until it’s flattened out and looks completely like it did before.

The other method is a little more blunt (pun intended) and uses a hammer to whack out the dents. This latter method typically leaves scuffs or marks, so they’ll always try the first method and resort to hammering it only if it’s acceptable by the owner (or if a replacement part cannot be procured).

When you need to have your stainless steel appliances looking just like new, there’s no doubt about it, appliance repair technicians are the way to go.

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