Is it Worth Replacing the Compressor on a Refrigerator?

Is it Worth Replacing the Compressor on a Refrigerator?

Is it Worth Replacing the Compressor on a Refrigerator?

The compressor is a critical component of a refrigerator, since it supplies the interior with refrigerant liquid, conducted through coils, during the refrigeration cycle. When a compressor breaks down, for whatever reason, most folks will tell you simply to scrap the refrigerator since the cost can easily be about half of what you paid for the fridge to begin with.

There’s a catch, however: compressors don’t tend to break down too often, and often homeowners and shoddy appliance repairmen will incorrectly diagnose failed compressors when the problem may be a rather quick and easy fix. Here’s what you can do if you suspect your compressor has broken down:

01. A Note on Compressors and Refrigerants

If a compressor is to your fridge what the internal combustion engine is to your car, the refrigerant is the oil pumping through the system to function as it should. Why replace the engine of your car if the oil and its circulation are the problem? Likewise, compressors and refrigerants are intrinsically linked but a problem with one doesn’t always mean there’s a problem with the other.

Modern refrigerators use refrigerants called R134a and R1234yf (catchy names, eh?) whilst older refrigerators use R12, R22, or R502. A sealed system leak can be identified by a condenser that still works but runs warm rather than hot, and with condenser coils that run cool, but not cold enough for your refrigerator or freezer.

02. Check for Condenser Coil Clogs

The coils found typically on the back of your refrigerator can sometimes clog up and lead to what seems to be a failed compressor. You could DIY this job by purchasing refrigerator condenser coil clog cleaning equipment and getting down on all fours and scrubbing away, but it’s often best to avoid working with the compressor and its coils altogether and leaving the job to a professional.

03. The Compressor Really Has Failed

Unfortunately, a failed compressor simply isn’t worth fixing unless you satisfy one of two conditions:

  1. Your fridge is brand new and in warranty (1-2 years, typically). You may be able to acquire a replacement free of cost from the manufacturer.
  2. Your fridge is beyond warranty but still has plenty of good years left. This is actually more of a personal choice, but if the cost of a compressor repair is about half the cost of the refrigerator, it may be worth repairing if the fridge is only a few years old. Fridges last for anywhere from 10-15 years, generally, so as it approaches the end of life it becomes better to simply scrap it and buy a new one.

If the compressor has failed on an already old fridge, the best choice is often to simply toss it out. Appliance repair professionals can and will replace it if you insist, but an appliance repairman will be useful for identifying and confirming the source of the problem which may or may not be the compressor. If the problem is not the compressor, you can end up saving hundreds of dollars with a quick fix.

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