Is it Worth Replacing Your Appliances for Christmas?

Is it Worth Replacing Your Appliances for Christmas?

Is it Worth Replacing Your Appliances for Christmas?

With Christmas just around the corner, you may be wondering if it’s a good opportunity to toss out your old appliances and to purchase some brand new models for the new year. Ho ho hold onto your hard-earned money and consider the following before spending your dollars:

Older Appliances Tend to Do Better

While there is quite a bit of truth behind the energy efficiency of newer appliances (they tend to do better), old appliances tend to be better overall. Old appliances tend to break down less often, perhaps costing you less in the long run even considering their (often) poorer energy efficiency ratings.

There is ample evidence that the old saying “they don’t build them like they used to” is indeed true for home appliances. Most newer appliances tend to last around a decade or shorter, with many appliance repair technicians even saying that the average lifespan of some models is around four years!

Of course, this is quite general and it depends on the model and its age. While some ovens from the 70s still work today, most appliances won’t give you that much mileage. All said and done, older appliances tend to do better.

Hidden Costs of Buying New Appliances

Perhaps you’re thinking of dropping a paycheque on a brand-new refrigerator or oven for your home. The price tag that you see online or advertised at your nearest retailer isn’t all you should consider, however.

There are many hidden costs to buying new appliances, such as the cost of disposing of your old appliance and having the new appliance installed professionally (especially important for gas-powered appliances).

Moreover, you’ll also have to consider that getting a new appliance ordered and delivered during the holiday season can be quite hectic, much like with other retailers. Not the most convenient, especially if you’re planning on baking a tasty roast dinner for friends or family over the holidays.

Need Your Old Appliance Repaired? Don’t Toss It

It’s so easy in our “take, make, waste” consumerist lifestyles to simply react to a broken down appliance by wanting to toss it out. There are times when repairs are simply not possible or financially reasonable, but most of the time you’ll benefit from having it repaired.

This not only delays the waste, but it can also save you money in the long term as it can keep your appliance well-maintained and delay further repairs for more severe problems later on.

Moreover, a skilled domestic appliance repairman can fix your old appliance quickly and with great efficiency, using quality components and replacement parts when necessary. Conversely, brand new appliances tend to be more complex to repair since they tend to use proprietary parts (yes, they are ‘reinventing the wheel’ to corner the supply of replacement parts!).

Speed and efficiency are important if your home appliance(s) break down over the holidays. A broken refrigerator might mean no fresh vegetables or meat for a holiday roast, while a broken-down dishwasher might make cleaning up after a big holiday dinner a laborious and time-consuming task. Instead of spending time scrubbing plates by hand, spend more time lounging with friends and family by getting your appliance repaired by a skilled technician.

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