Oven Cleaning DIY and When You Need a Professional Repairman

Oven Cleaning DIY and When You Need a Professional Repairman

Oven Cleaning DIY and When You Need a Professional Repairman

Is it worth cleaning your oven yourself? Most of the time, yes, it’s perfectly fine to DIY oven cleaning. During cleaning, however, you may notice some potential problems with the oven or the cleaning fails to resolve some longer-standing issues you may have been experiencing. Here’s what you should know about oven cleaning:

01. Clean & Replace Hobs as Needed

The first place to start with electric ranges is to inspect the hobs themselves. Hobs with caked-on residue that turn a bright orange-red (noticeably in spots on the hobs) when turned on can put undue strain on the lifespan of your oven. Use a strong degreasing product and scrub these away before getting to work inside the oven.

02. Avoid Electrical Shorts & Shocks

It’s vitally important that you shut off your oven (electric in this case) before getting to work. You may also wish to switch off the power to the unit through your circuit breaker just to be sure. Don’t risk electric shocks.

Also, keep in mind that it’s almost always better to clean around knobs with a microfibre cloth that has been sprayed with cleaning solution than it is to spray directly onto the oven. Liquid sprayed onto the oven around the knobs can make contact with the electrical system and when turned on yield an electrical short.

03. Clean Frequently

The best medicine is prevention when it comes to oven care. Keeping the oven clean and clear of debris, wiping away oil, residue, and grime all contribute to a longer-lasting oven. Even with regular spot cleaning, however, deep cleaning is recommended 2-4 times per year.

This is even more important in households where the oven is used just about every day. Using an oven that has not been cleaned will most certainly wear out the oven faster, which can mean having to buy a new oven when you least expect it.

04. Use Self-Cleaning Mode

Many new oven ranges are equipped with handy ‘self-cleaning’ modes, which can greatly reduce the manual labour required to keep an oven looking great. They don’t do everything, however. Think of it like a dishwasher: you still need to remove crumbs and food from dishes and perhaps a light rinse before putting in the dishwasher.

Similarly, self-cleaning modes will perform the bulk of the work, but you’ll still need to get on your hands and knees at some point. After using the self-cleaning mode, open the door and air out the oven. Follow up with surface cleaning (white vinegar and a microfibre cloth will do), then air out to dry again. Only use this feature a couple of times per year at most.

05. Inspect for Leaks in the Gas Connection

If you’ve recently installed a gas-powered range, there may be a leaky connection even if minor. Gas leaks can be detected with electronic leak detecting equipment, commonly used by tradies and appliance repair technicians. It’s a good idea to check for potential gas leaks as this could possibly save your life.

06. Check Gaskets and Door

Adequate door locks and gaskets create an ideal seal for your oven when in operation. Over time, the gasket and door locks tend to wear out and require replacement. Failure to replace these could put undue strain on your oven as well as lead to undercooked food since more heat is escaping the seal.

When to Call in a Professional

Routine cleaning of your oven is a great example of a DIY chore, but there are times when calling a professional is certainly worth every dollar since it can save you potentially hundreds of dollars. For ovens that are faulty, inoperative, or are no longer cooking your favourite dishes as they used to, phone a domestic appliance professional for assistance.

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