Signs Your Washing Machine Needs to Be Repaired

Signs Your Washing Machine Needs to Be Repaired

Signs Your Washing Machine Needs to Be Repaired

Having a washing machine that doesn’t work poses a number of problems in your household. The hassle of having to all of a sudden do your laundry at a friend or a relative’s or even a laundromat is never a pleasant surprise.

Here are the big five signs that your washing machine is in need of a professional repair job so you can take care of the issue before it worsens and potentially leaves you laundry-less!

1. It’s making loud noises

You get used to the sound of your washing machine while it’s working. Over time, you might not hear it at all. Because of this, you should notice if your washing machine makes noises that you aren’t used to.

More specifically, loud or repetitive noises can be a sign that something is out of place or that your washing machine needs to be repaired. If you’re in this situation, you should call us right away! We can assess the situation and determine the best way to fix your washing machine.

2. The panel isn’t working

When you buy a newer washing machine, it probably comes with an electrical panel or an interface. When these stop working, it can cause problems with your washing machine; for example, how are you supposed to know which cycle you’re on if you can’t see which cycle it’s on? In this scenario, you need to call us so that we can make the necessary repairs and if the issue is beyond our level of expertise, we can call someone to handle the project.

3. There are problems with your hose

Problems with your washing machine’s hose can cause leaks or flooding in your laundry room. The problem usually involves a clog or a kink in the hose; however, the results can be disastrous because your washing machine will not be able to cycle water like it usually does.

If leaks or flooding begin, you’ll have a big cleaning job to perform. For your clothing, this will also mean that you can either have soap that isn’t rinsed out during the cycle or your clothing isn’t drained properly. This can also result in mould growth which poses a whole range of other health and cleanliness concerns.

4. There are problems with the drums

The drums of your washing machine ensure that your clothes are being cleaned evenly. These drums are the part of your washing machine that spins during a cycle. Without functioning drums, you may also experience clothing that isn’t rinsed as it should be. Instead, you could have clothing that retains water and, therefore, has a buildup of mould.

5. It stopped working altogether

Sometimes, washing machines stop working with pretty much no explanation. If you notice that your washing machine and you can’t figure out how to make it work, you’ll have to get it repaired. In some cases, your washing machine has died because it has reached the end of its lifespan; that said, professional companies will be able to provide you with a full assessment.


Having a washing machine that works is imperative for those who want to have clean and fresh laundry. When a washing machine doesn’t work, it provides you with a number of complications that are hard to manage later on.

If you notice any of the above signs or anything else out of the ordinary with your washing machine, or any other domestic appliances, contact the experts at Electrical Appliance Repair for advice. We repair what we can and will let you know if an appliance has reached the end of its working life.

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