Will Natural Gas Stoves Be Banned in Australia?

Will Natural Gas Stoves Be Banned in Australia?

Will Natural Gas Stoves Be Banned in Australia?

There’s been a lot of talk over in America about banning gas stoves, allegedly for health and environmental reasons. Is it just hot smoke or is it just another political talking point, with politicians greasing the wheels of controversy?

Will gas stoves be banned in Australia, or are we just being grilled by lobby groups in government? Dad jokes aside, there actually has been quite a bit of talk about the topic here in Australia.

Health and Safety of Natural Gas Stoves

What are the claims being made against the use of natural gas stoves? Project safety commissions have claimed that the use of gas stoves has led to an increase in respiratory illnesses such as asthma, in addition to emitting pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide.

The counterclaims say that emissions and pollutants are byproducts that will occur regardless of whether or not the stove uses natural gas. Moreover, gas stoves have been used in homes in Australia and abroad for over two centuries, so where’s all the smoke coming from?

The heart of the matter may not in fact be the type of technology (gas) being used but rather the presence and quality of ventilation. There are many good reasons why restaurants use commercial range hoods to ventilate out all of the smoke and grease whilst cooking, and private homes should also be adequately equipped with vent hoods to improve air quality.

What are Legislators Considering for Australia?

Regardless of whether or not gas stoves are indeed completely safe or not, legislators here in Australia seem to already be on the move in 2023. Despite cries from appliance manufacturers that all of this hot smoke is purely misguided, Canberra has already reacted to the situation.

It appears that the Australian Capital Territory is making an effort to ‘phase out’ the use of natural gas for cooking, in hot water heaters, and for general heating over the next two decades in a concerted zero-emissions push for the year 2045.

If this goes forward as many believe it will, there will likely be an eventual ban on the sale of gas-powered stoves (and other appliances) at retailers. The effects of this, as well as the cost-benefit to homeowners and the net environmental effects remain to be seen; in all likelihood, this will drive up the cost of living whilst impairing restaurants and subsequently driving up their operational costs as well.

Is it Worth Buying or Keeping a Natural Gas Stove?

The short answer is that if you sincerely believe that natural gas stoves are a clear and present danger to you and your family, you may wish to replace your model immediately with an electric model. Otherwise, you’re free to carry on, business as usual.

Homeowners tend to choose gas stoves for their marginally cheaper operating costs as well as to lessen dependence on the electrical grid, and many gas stoves tend to last for year after year quite well. As always, keeping your gas stove working well and safely requires routine cleaning and occasional maintenance.

If your gas stove is in need of repairs and you’d really like to keep it running well, the best solution is to contact a reputable domestic appliance technician.

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