Faulty Oven: Don’t Ignore These Warning Signs

Faulty Oven: Don’t Ignore These Warning Signs

Faulty Oven: Don’t Ignore These Warning Signs

A well-maintained oven can last you many years and through many joyous dining experiences for you and your family. Even the best quality ovens, however, are prone to occasional malfunctions and gradual depreciation. Keeping your oven in good working condition not only affects the end product – your favourite recipes – but also reduces the risk of potential safety hazards such as carbon monoxide poisoning.

These tips can help you identify the warning signs of a faulty oven. Knowing them can help you to deal with the root causes of the problem quickly and efficiently.

The Food Just Doesn’t Taste Right

If you’re convinced that you’ve been cooking with the same recipe for years and the taste is a little off lately, it may be that some of the components within the oven are worn out or faulty. Consequently, the oven’s not able to regulate temperature the same way it used to, thus resulting in fluctuations and inaccurate temperature readings.

Naturally, you can test further by doing Sunday roasts and potentially upsetting your guests when it just doesn’t come out right, but why go on with botched dinners when you can ring up an appliance repair specialist near you and arrange for them to have a look at it?

It’s Getting Harder to Keep it Clean

If you’ve been negligent in cleaning your oven, then you may find over time that caked on layers of grease and sediment can be impossible to remove. This can even happen if you have been regularly cleaning the oven but haven’t been using appropriate products to fight against tough grime and grease.

What’s worse is that the oven may begin to emit foul odours and smoke whilst in use. If the grease buildup isn’t an early warning sign that you’re in need of repairs, then these two issues together most certainly should be. Start scrubbing with powerful chemical solutions, using appropriate protective equipment such as gloves and protection for your face. It may be difficult, dirty, and potentially dangerous work, so consider calling an expert to come and give it a proper deep clean.

Excessive Heat Escaping

Ovens are supposed to be hot when in use, but not to the point where the knobs and dials are becoming excessively heated or where nearby cupboards and countertops are showing scorch marks. This is a surefire warning sign that your oven may need repairs.

Heat seeping into cupboards and countertops and leaving marks may signal worn-out seals, which means that more heat is escaping than before and leaving behind these telltale signs. It may also mean that there isn’t enough space between the oven and adjacent cupboards. These can be addressed by yourself, but it’s often better to defer to an expert opinion to ensure that it’s repaired properly.

If the knobs on the oven are becoming excessively hot, it may mean that the cooling fan inside the oven’s wearing out or is broken. The cooling fan works to control heat and a properly working cooling fan should result in the knobs feeling like room temperature.

Domestic Appliance Repairs

If you notice that any of the above issues apply to your oven, do not allow time for things to worsen and become hazardous to your health and safety. Take action as soon as possible. The only question you should be asking yourself is whether you really want to spend time trying to fix your oven yourself when you can let a qualified professional come by and do the dirty work for you.

If you’re in Melbourne, Electrical Appliance Repair  will be happy to save you time and money by expertly repairing your oven and making sure that you’re getting the best parts and labour for your particular oven.

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