Why is My Fridge Not Cold

Why is My Fridge Not Cold

Why is My Fridge Not Cold

A common problem with refrigerators is that they may no longer be as cold as you’d like them to be. Obviously, this is a problem that can spoil your fresh fruits and vegetables and lead to lots of headaches. Luckily, repairing a refrigerator that isn’t cold is something that can be done yourself with a few simple tools and some know-how.

Even if many common refrigerators can be addressed yourself, it isn’t always safe or feasible, and you may end up damaging the refrigerator if the repairs are done improperly. That’s why we always recommend you consult an expert at Domestic Appliance Repair in Melbourne if you’d like the job done quickly and professionally.

These tips can help you identify the root of why your fridge isn’t cold so that you can point it out to a repairman or attempt to repair it yourself.

Preliminary Steps

01. First things first, ensure that your refrigerator is plugged into the power outlet and check to see if it’s powered. Open the door to verify that the interior light is on.

02. Verify that the interior thermostat is working properly. It’s possible that the thermostat is simply broken and is in need of replacement. These can be replaced quite inexpensively if needed.

03. Leave a generous amount of space behind the refrigerator for air to flow properly. Dust and dirt may clutter up the area behind the refrigerator, so vacuum and clean this area once in a while to promote efficient airflow.

04. Check inside the freezer box and remove any bulky objects, such as ice cream tubs and boxes of frozen food from the rear vents. These vents should be left clear to promote the flow of cold air within the freezer unit.

Condenser Fans

If you’ve done all of the above yet the fridge still won’t cool properly, the problem may be more deep-rooted. It’s possible that the cause of the fridge malfunction stems from the condenser fan not spinning properly. Refrigerators with coils on the back may not have condenser fans, but other models ought to have one located behind the fridge, normally at the bottom.

Safety always comes first, so be sure to unplug the refrigerator and ensure that you’re working in a safe place. Pull out the refrigerator so that you can access the rear and clean the fan blades by hand. Attempt to spin the fan and see if it isn’t jammed by dirt or dust accumulating around the rotor.

Plug the fridge back in and see if the fan is running properly. If you can hear the fridge’s compressor running yet the fan isn’t spinning, you may need to replace it. Consider hiring a reputable serviceman to repair it for you in this case.

Evaporator Fan Replacement

When the refrigerator is running and the compressor is audibly working, yet it won’t cool properly, the compressor fan (if there is one) may be the culprit. If the compressor fan works, the problem is most likely the evaporator fan located typically within the freezer unit.

This fan can be replaced, but it will require a socket or ratchet set as well as a wire stripper. A surefire way to know that the evaporator fan is faulty or worn out is if you hear an audible squeaking when opening the freezer door.

Repairs to the evaporator fan are not always necessary, so be sure to consult a qualified domestic appliance repairman to ensure you aren’t replacing perfectly good parts in an effort to resolve the problem. Evaporator fans require emptying out the freezer unit and allowing it to thaw out for a day or two. This can create quite a bit of puddling, so have towels on hand to soak up any water from the thawing freezer.

Domestic Appliance Repair

Don’t risk damaging your fridge or freezer with improper repairs. Refrigerators can be costly investments, so leave it to a reputable and friendly professional if you’d like to have it up and running just like new.

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